Thirteen trained to spot domestic violence and child abuse

More than a dozen professionals from different organisations on the island are now better able to spot cases of child abuse and domestic violence. The thirteen officials have completed an intensive six-day training programme and are now attention officers.

The training was conducted by Ereina Hunt-Gorden, the family support coordinator at the Social Support Unit, and Elly Rojer of the Bonaire office of Youth and Family.

The attention officers will advise, inform and support colleagues, management and the board whenever there are suspected cases of domestic violence or child abuse. They are also responsible for enforcing the protection code, making it easier to report cases of domestic violence and child abuse so these cases can be addressed more rapidly.

This is the first group of professionals to be trained at attention officers in Statia. Another group will receive training next year as part of efforts to encourage the community to speak out against domestic abuse and child abuse.