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Dear readers,

Governments, policy-makers and professionals on the Caribbean islands are working extremely hard to address domestic violence and child abuse. Sometimes it feels like we are taking 3 steps forwards and 2 steps back. Everyone’s enthusiasm and willingness is there but due to the busyness of the day, sometimes things get left behind. However, if we look back over the long term, we see that great progress has been made on the islands in recent years. For instance, Aruba has introduced the Codigo di Proteccion (Protection Code); Curaçao and the Caribbean Netherlands have also started implementing the Protection Code; and St. Maarten set up Victim Support last year.

But small and less visible steps are also being taken. For example, we regularly cooperate with one another by deploying trainers across the various islands. And there were awareness campaigns on the islands on important topics such as Femicide on Aruba.

Nonetheless, knowledge-sharing can still be further improved. And we want to do this together with the No Mas No More working group. But not only via the working group, because this would exclude a lot of other knowledge. We already try to share information by sending a newsletter twice a year. However, to supply all knowledge in a structural manner, the website No Mas No More has now been introduced.

The aim of the website is to share information (from the islands themselves) about domestic violence and child abuse. For instance, which awareness campaigns were implemented on Bonaire, and which training courses were offered on Saba. We now have a platform where people from all the islands can share and access information.

That is why I want to ask you the following: do you have information? Would you like to inform people about a particular training course? Have you read an interesting book? Or are there conferences on your island? Then please let us know! We will make sure that your information is placed on the website. By working together, we can create a knowledge platform that is available to everyone.

We wish you pleasant reading!

No Mas No More Conference

From the 31st of October up to and including the 2nd of November, Curaçao will host the third No Mas No More Conference. This conference will focus on the theme of sex education and sexual violence.

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The No Mas No More Working Group

How did the NMNM Working Group come about and what does it stand for? Carmen Grefte, Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Policy Officer at ZJCN, explains this.

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Krusada and Kadera: successful cooperation against domestic violence

‘Krusada’ and ‘Kadera’ assist victims of domestic violence. Krusada in Bonaire and Kadera in the Netherlands. In this interview with both directors, you can read more about the inspiring cooperation between the two organisations.

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Cooperating shelter organisations

Since 2022, Saba and St. Eustatius have been working very hard to establish two shelters, supported by Kadera from the Netherlands. What does that collaboration look like? Report of a working visit to Saba.

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Accession to Istanbul Convention

Accession of the six islands to the Istanbul Convention is an important step in the fight against domestic violence, argues Flora Goudappel, Professor of International Law and Public Law at the University of Curaçao and Dean of the Faculty of Law.

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From the islands to the Netherlands – relocation of domestic violence victims

There is a lot involved in the relocation of domestic violence victims from one of the islands to Kadera in the Netherlands. Linda Wellinga of Kadera explains how it all works.

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Three professionals answer the proposition:

‘As a child, living in a shelter for victims of domestic violence always results in a negative impact on the development of the child.’

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An inspiring portrait of Chantal Cali

Chantal Cali works as a residential counsellor at the Tabitha shelter on Bonaire. What drives and inspires her in her work with victims of domestic violence?

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