Iris Miangela Ras

‘My name is Iris Miangela Ras and I am the Head of Service at the Centro di Desaroyo di Hende Muhe, the CEDEHM. The CEDEHM is in charge of the implementation of the CEDAW Convention, in other words  the Women’s Convention. I believe this convention is crucial for the protection and promotion of the rights of women and girls, and we therefore remain continuously committed to its full implementation.

To us, No Mas No More is of utmost importance because there is so much common ground between the CEDAW Convention and the Istanbul Convention. We are also committed to tackling all forms of violence against women through a family-centred approach. It is very important to us to be part of the chain that seeks to keep women safe. The No Mas No More platform gives us an opportunity to share experiences and to learn from each other.’