Introducing Ina Garretsen

My name is Ina Garretsen and I have been working at the Public Entity Bonaire since 2016 and since 2020, among other things, in the Administrative Agreement against Domestic Violence and Child Abuse BES (HGKM BES). Here, I started working on describing the work processes for the Advice and Hotline for Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Guiami and creating a registration system to gain insight into the incoming questions and notifications. Subsequently, I embraced the complete approach of the Administrative Agreement against Domestic Violence and Child Abuse BES and I now I coordinate, lead, and implement, from the Public Entity Bonaire, the activities from this Administrative Agreement – which we annually include in a work plan – and I also  participate in the No Mas No More working group.

In 2022, the Public Entity Bonaire established ‘Tei p’abo’ in association with chain partners.  Tei p’abo is a working group of cooperating relief organisations on Bonaire, which aims to raise awareness through campaigns and events about the impact of domestic violence and child abuse within the family and the shame that plays a major role in this. This partnership is important to work together on tackling domestic violence and child abuse. Together we can achieve more!

There is a great deal of knowledge on the islands and a lot is happening. I think it is important to share this knowledge and these experiences, so that every island can benefit from what has already been conceived and developed and can also contribute ideas towards improvements. No Mas No More is a very good platform for this.