Ereina Hunt-Gorden

I’m Ereina Hunt-Gorden, the public entity in Sint Eustatius’s family support coordinator for domestic violence and child abuse. My task is to inform and educate all professionals in Statia about domestic violence and child abuse, the effects that these heinous crimes have on their victims, and how important our professions are in putting an end to these terrible acts.

Additionally, I have a responsibility to raise awareness of domestic violence and child abuse in my community of Statia and to inspire people to take action and seek help.

I am also the coordinator of the shelter and advise and reporting point where the community at large can call in to get advice, report or to seek help. I also serve as the chairwoman of our MDO, where every month a group of 18 professionals from various organizations gather to discuss cases and community events.

To better assist our victims, the NMNM workgroup helps us stay in touch with one another and updated about what’s going on the different islands. Each and every one of us is impacted by domestic violence and abuse in our communities. Together, we could accomplish more for our islands and our victims, and the NMNM helps with that.