Chantale George-Groeneveldt

Hello everyone! My name is Chantale George-Groeneveldt. I am the Department head of Community Development Family & Humanitarian Affairs (CDFHA) & Women’s Desk of the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labor in Sint Maarten. CDFHA is mandated to ensure effective and quality services for community development, family, and humanitarian affairs that meet the needs and desires of the community. Women’s Desk is a division within CDFHA and functions as the focal point for the empowerment and advancement of women, through its advisory and advocacy role related to women, gender, and family affairs. Through the objectives of combating gender-based violence, enhancing the independence of women, and guiding women on their way, CDFHA – Women’s Desk ensure to provide relevant services and creation of policies with the optimal goal of strengthening the position of all women. No Mas No More provides a great opportunity for the partnering island to achieve this goal. By structurally aligning our objectives, and pooling our knowledge & expertise and resources, we as countries will be able to uphold our national legal obligations and international obligations regarding the protection of women and elimination of violence against them.