6th Newsletter
Developments theme Domestic
Violence and Child Abuse

Dear Reader,

You are receiving the sixth newsletter, and the first of this year, from the Public Entity Bonaire on the Administrative Agreement on Domestic Violence and Child Abuse (HGKM).

Agreements have been made to address HGKM across five pillars, outlined in said Administrative Agreement. This newsletter provides key developments for each pillar. Feel free to forward the newsletter to your colleagues.

We wish you much reading pleasure!

Pillar 1. Prevention

“Raising Our Future” by Unicef Nederland
In October, Unicef Netherlands hosted interactive theater performances once again. Three local actors from Bonaire, together with theater producer Archell Thomson, formed the theater company for the performance “Raising Our Future,” centered on parenting and upbringing. During the performances, the company enacted two scenes inspired by daily family life, with the audience actively participating to influence the course of subsequent scenes.

The performances took place at Jong Bonaire and at Posada para mira in Rincon.

In addition to the theater play, a mini-series titled “Raising Our Future” has been recorded and can be followed on social media starting January 2024.

Positive parenting manifests in various forms and methods. Everyone has a unique story about their upbringing, the lessons they learned, and their aspirations for their children. These inspiring and deeply personal stories can be viewed via Unicef Dutch Caribbean’s Facebook page or Unicef Netherlands’ Youtube channel.

Story 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FCx0R9dTrA
Story 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73UxTxA7FuA
Story 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dtq5IITV-F4

Pillar 2. Capacity building

There are numerous ways to enhance capacity-building. We summarize them briefly below.

HGKM module in MBO-training for the Pedagogical Staff in Daycare Centers

Second-year BOL students in the MBO training for pedagogical employee childcare levels 3 and 4 have been learning to identify and discuss HGKM since February. This builds upon the pilot module conducted last year at the MBO.

A test is scheduled for the end of April, and students will receive a certificate upon completion of the module and test.

Teaching Assistents at MBO

BBL students for Teaching Assistant also received a half-day lesson on identifying and discussing HGKM. We anticipate this will mark the beginning of a successful continuation!

Trainers in the field of domestic violence and child abuse, in collaboration with the Advisory and Registration Center HGKM Guami and welfare teachers from the MBO, delivered the lessons.

This collaboration stemmed from joint efforts with BES(t) 4 Kids, trainers from OLB, the Probation Service, Field Support General Practitioners, and Care and Youth.

The collaborating partners aim to empower pedagogical staff to better recognize instances of domestic violence and child abuse, initiate discussions with parents, and collectively seek assistance if necessary.

Pillar 3. Chain collaboration

Network afternoon

On Tuesday, January 23, a networking afternoon was convened with stakeholders from the Care and Safety House and attention officers HGKM. In recent years, there has been a weekly consultation every Tuesday afternoon focusing on domestic violence and child abuse. From this routine, the idea emerged to arrange an annual networking afternoon, scheduled either at the beginning or end of the year, on one of these Tuesday afternoons.

For new employees, the focus of this afternoon was primarily on introductions and familiarization. The topic of “warm transfer of a client” was addressed. The networking afternoon received positive feedback from attendees and is deemed worthy of repetition in the future.

Family Justice center (FJC)

For the construction of the Family Justice Center (FJC), the renovation of the existing building of the Sentro di Bario Antriol Pabou on Kaya Gatu is underway. Fundashon Cas Bonairiano, appointed by the Public Entity of Bonaire, is responsible for managing this construction.

The site has been cleared, and interior demolition work has been completed. However, the schedule has experienced delays due to construction-related reasons. Construction activities are expected to resume in the second quarter of 2024.

The FJC aims to streamline assistance by enabling individuals to share their story only once, ensuring safe and efficient support for adults, youth, and children experiencing domestic violence and child abuse.

As a collaborative center, the FJC will bring together various professionals to deliver optimal support and assistance to individuals affected by domestic violence or child abuse.

As a collaborative center, the FJC will bring together various professionals to deliver optimal support and assistance to individuals affected by domestic violence or child abuse.

Pillar 4. Reporting structure

The Advisory and Registration Centre HGKM Guiami became a part of Akseso since January 1, 2022. Akseso currently operates with a temporary website, www.aksesobon.com, while the final website is still under construction. Guiami’s dedicated website is www.meldpuntguiami.com. For inquiries, they can be reached via telephone at 0802 0802.

Pillar 5. Legal Framework

Protection Code:

When it comes to suspecting, reporting, discussing, and seeking help for HGKM, a legal framework now applies to the BES islands. The previously mentioned implementation date of January 1, 2024, has been postponed to July 1, 2024. The new law addresses three additional issues in addition to the Protection Code:
1.           Definitions: Establishing definitions relevant to the BES islands;
2.           Legal responsibilities of the Advisory and Registration Center HGKM
and shelter for victims of HGKM;
3.           The right to report.

An implementation plan template for the introduction of the Protection Code is currently under development for organizations to utilize in the near future. Training sessions and informational materials will also be provided to all stakeholders and citizens involved. Stakeholders were invited to information sessions in November 2023 to gather insights on the need for assistance in implementing the Protection Code. Further afternoon sessions were scheduled for March 11 and 12, 2024.

Temporary Restraining order
The aim of this pilot is to voluntarily restore peace within families affected by HGKM while providing assistance during the duration of the temporary restraining order.

In October 2023, discussions were conducted with involved stakeholders to formulate a shared vision. Subsequently, professionals were interviewed throughout January and February. These discussions and interviews are currently being compiled into a report. It is anticipated that on March 21, the analysis of these discussions and interviews will be presented to stakeholders, along with a proposed technical assistance work process for validation. Upon approval of this work process, the pilot can commence.

Ultimately, recommendations will be provided regarding the feasibility and necessity of implementing a legal measure for temporary restraining orders in the Dutch Caribbean. Additionally, an (online) training program will be developed for employees involved in implementing the temporary restraining order.

Organizations involved